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    what is actid?

      Hello All
      i want to run this procedure manually for testing purpose

      procedure Reject_Doc(itemtype in varchar2,
      itemkey in varchar2,
      actid in number,
      funcmode in varchar2,
      resultout out NOCOPY varchar2 )

      what are the possible values for the variables itemtype,itemkey, actid,funcmode?
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          Saroja Kandepuneni-Oracle
          Itemtype (IN) : Internal name of the item
          Itemkey (IN) : A string to uniquely identify the item type instance
          Actid (IN) : ID of the activity from where this procedure is called.
          Funcmode (IN) : Execution mode of the activity. You can get the activity id from WF_PROCESS_ACTIVITIES table column instance id
          Resultout (OUT) : Result Type of the activity

          FUNCMODE : For functions, it can be RUN or CANCEL
          For notifications, it can be RESPOND, FORWARD, TRANSFER or TIMEOUT
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            I'm developing a custom form for PO Requisition,the forms shows the open notifications for the user Reviewer.
            In that form i'm having 2 button's 'Approve' and 'Reject'. If the Approve button is clicked it will call the PO Requisition Workflow Process Approve_Doc Function.
            I have no idea how to call the workflow function inside this form. IF you have any idea or samples help me to do this

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              Alejandro Sosa-Oracle
              You need to:

              . Set the attribute that holds the response from the user using WF_ENGINE.SetItemAttrText()
              . Call WF_NOTIFCATION.Respond()

              This will simulate a response to the notification. You can find details of these APIs in the WF API guide.


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