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    Namespaces in message xsd files

      I am starting work on some web services projects and am trying to use JAX-WS. However, it looks like some of the people working on this at other locations may be using different namespaces for some of the elements. There is currently a LongName type specified in the namespace urn:dicim:ws:wado:2011 (wado) and urn:ihe:iti:ads-b:2007 (ihe). In one example of data flow, I see an ihe prefix and in the other I see a wado prefix. My assumption would be that one has

      <xs:element name="name" type="wado:LongName" />

      in the wsdl and the other has

      <xs:element name="name" type="ihe:LongName" />

      in the wsdl file. Would this cause a problem in the two systems talking to each other. Am I correct in assuming that the prefix used for the element is the prefix of the type?