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    T6320 Blade Configured as LDOM Host - ILOM /SP/console issues

      I have a T6320 Blade which is configured as an Oracle VM on SPARC setup.

      I am trying to login to the Host OS through the ILOM. Currently when I login to ILOM and execute `start /SP/console` I am prompted with a login for one of the guests on the host instead of the host OS.

      How do I re-direct the /SP/console to point to the correct host?

      I just took over this environment and need to look at the status of the VM's and was only provided with root pwd, and root SSH is disabled so ILOM is my only way onto the server which is in another state.

      Thanks for any feedback available.

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          I have been messing with this through the day and decided to look through the ILOM History. I extended my Putty buffer out to about 5k lines and ran "show /SP/console/history" I was able to scroll back far enough to see that a telnet session had been started to a domain on the server, and was never terminated.

          # telnet localhost 5004
          Connected to localhost.
          Escape character is '^]'.

          Connecting to console "ldg5" in group "ldg5" ....
          Press ~? for control options ..

          SO I ran ~?

          VNTSD commands
          ~# --Send break
          ~^B --Send alternate break
          ~. --Exit from this console
          ~w --Force write access
          ~n --Console next
          ~p --Console previous
          ~? –Help

          From there I used ~. to get back to my Host server!

          If anyone runs into this... I'm a n00b in Solaris so this was a first for me.