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    OL6.3 on HyperV

      Hello Dear Fellows,

      I have IBM x3650 M3 Dual Processor x6 core each, with 32GB RAM and RAID 5 on SAS drives.

      Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise HyperV installed on it, virtual machine has been created on it for Oracle Linux 6.3 installation with following VM specifications:

      1 single core Virtual Processor
      4GB virtual RAM
      100GB virtual IDE - fixed size
      Legacy Virtual NIC

      Linux Integration Services 3.3 installed and all patches applied.

      Oracle 11g R2 has been installed on this Oracle Linux 6.3 machine.

      Everything is working very fine, but when I try to restore database to it, it takes considerably long time to restore. Oracle Enterprise Manager shows high disk IO.

      I suspect it to Hads disk taking time for IO operations.

      Kindly advise if I am missing something? I have tried it on multiple machines but response is same.

      Same configuration on Vmware is working like a charm.

      Please suggest how to fix problem with HyperV.


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          You can boot the system into the original RHEL 6 kernel, which might answer if your problem is only with the Oracle UEK kernel or compatibility with the installed Linux Integration Components for Windows. However, if this does not resolve your problem you may have to examine your Hyper-V installation, which is beyond the scope of this forum. If you search the web for "Hyper-V Server 2008 disk performance issues" you will find plenty of related posts and possible solutions. The solution is usually Microsoft Hyper-V related and not Linux specific.