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    FMB File 64bits compatible with 32Bits Forms builder

      Hello my friends

      I was wondering if someone can give me a hand here, actually i have 3 questions.

      I installed weblogic and oracle forms & reports 11g on my laptop (windows 7 64 bits).

      1)I create a form, with the database i have on my laptop, but when i got to my work i try to open the file but it says that "the file can't be opened" with no error code or other kind of info.

      so i was wondering if anyone knows if there's a compatibility problem between the 32bits version and 64 bits version of forms builder and report builder.

      2)The other question was when i was trying to create a master detail data block when i compile the form it says

      SQL Error Ocurred
      Sql stament ignored

      I was looking on this forum and it says that it was something about reserved words, however i speak spanish so my table names are in spanish too, i don't think it has to be something with the reserved words.

      the error ocurred on the delete detail trigger i think, i'm not in the office right now.

      3) I found the solution for this one while i was writing this.

      Thanks in advance

      I hope someone can give me a hand

      PS: Sorry for the bad English.