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    Siebel closes ie on open

      Hi, I'm hoping someone will be able to help us out. I work for a large Australian company using Siebel across Australia, one of our sites is having issues, but it is limited to 5 clients.

      User one has the following issue: Client installs Siebel on a fresh profile, on any pc at the site (unable to test at another site). Client runs CRM, IE opens then closes.
      Tryed the following, rolling back from IE 8 to IE6, same issue. Connecting to webserver Siebelprod.prod.*****.***.au, IIS page loads and as quickly closes. Everything I can think of has been tried from my end. Siebel reinstalled, profile rebuilt, pc's rebuilt, but as mentioned only happens to him, appears to be getting correct trusted sites.

      The other users can reinstall seibel, and after a while Siebel will stop showing fields, then it will not open saying that the certificate is invaild or corrupt. Reinstalling seibel makes the client work for another unset amount of time, usually a few hours, then it will do the same. Again profile rebuilds, ect have been done. This client can view the IIS webpage and it doesn't crash, but one siebel breaks I think that stops loading as well (will confirm). It's hard to trouble shoot this user as they are often not there, or not contactable, there is no immediate on site support.

      We have tried moving the first user into a different OU, and moved in AD to different location incase it's group policys but still nothing changed.

      You're help is appreciated.


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          I'm not sure if it is related, but on our site we have erroneous behaviour and sometimes it helps to empty the IE cache.
          You can also set the flag to delete the browsing history on exit (see General tab of IE Internet options).
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            We have tryed this as one of the first things. I suspect it is not something to do with the profile or ie8. A full profile rebuild (logging on with no previous data, settings ect) and logging on to a fresh machine. So I would think thats ruled out cookes and local internet files.
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              Have you installed the Siebel High Interactivity Framework for IE? This could possibly be a reason.

              - Hashim
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                Yeah we have.

                Where does Siebel store everything? I know it rights to the users documents and settings, downloaded programs, does it write to my docs at all, as this is a network drive in this enviroment. Also it uses Java, does this has conflicts with mcafee. Does it use any key system files or DLLs? We are at a loss. It is only a few select people. At the moment, we are giving 1 user a new Active directory account, as this is what they did for 3 others to resolve the issue but its a workaround not a fix. Other than single sign on does it interact with AD, do the clients need some special permissions to their AD accounts. It pulls the siebel permissions from SAP, does this need certain configuration and intergration with siebel.

                Just throwing it all out there hoping for some more replys. Thanks to those that have replied.