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    xslt support

      The FAQ states that XSLT is not implemented in the product, but "it's easy to integrate" with a third party engine. No further mention of XSLT integration is given anywhere in the Oracle literature. I am hoping the integration is easy, but I am still searching for more information.

      True indeed it is that any application that utilizes the API can also utilize a transformation engine, but I require a way to perform a transformation that uses a document in the database as the source. In this way structured data in the database will be transformed into XHTML documents. XPath expressions in the template must be executed by the database, because extracting the database first into memory would clearly defeat the purpose of the database, which is to store and query massive XML documents.

      Can anyone help me achieve this goal?

      I am using a C++ application because Java will be too expensive in load time and memory footprint.
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          Lucas Vogel
          XSLT isn't an inherent feature of bdbxml; the integrated XQilla library has limited XSLT support.

          I suggest you try one of the following:

          - Try leveraging the XQuery language to create the transformation you're looking for. The XQuery language is very powerful and flexible, and depending on your situation it should prove quite useful

          - link to an XSLT library and integrate some combination of XQuery-generated output as the input into your XSL template

          Those are your best two options.

          Hope this helps,