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    urgent issue on P6 production environment (VTRAR-1475-D, ORA-29275)

      The whole system was good till yesterday. But now, when I want to open a project via P6 Optional client, it reports the following error msg to me:

      Application Exception:
      Type: TDBXError
      Event Code: VTRAR-1475-D
      Description: TCVirtualTable.RefreshAppend: RSRCROLE: ORA-29275: 部分多字节字符(partial multibyte character)
      -> Data saved to c:\PRBADDATA.TXT

      the data in c:\PRBADDATA.TXT is:

      Bad Data Row for table RSRCROLE
      RSRC_ID = (null)
      ROLE_ID = (null)
      SKILL_LEVEL = (null)
      ROLE_SHORT_NAME = (null)
      ROLE_NAME = (null)
      RSRC_SHORT_NAME = (null)
      RSRC_NAME = (null)
      RSRC_TYPE = (null)
      RSRC_ROLE_ID = (null)

      Other projects are still good so far. I tried to copy the error project with all contents and still can't open it. But if I tried to copy the bad project with only tasks, it's OK to be opened.

      It's urgent because it's on the production environment.