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    decrypt "%SignonUserPswd"

      In the Signon PeopleCode there exists "%SignonUserPswd"; but it is encrypted. Has anyone found a way to decrypt it?

      for example stuart becomes s+b1yCxg/XFeHXe5YZvpW4QQZuoMV4/FOd6kebBfyekfNxTKsjXuP4pRHR/GH3rTGcrfydh8/bInnZFLzhH+OQAA

      Kind Regards, Bart
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          Do not try to decrypt it, it will not work.
          Even if someone knows, it will not be shared, this is a major security bridge.

          If you need this for something like SSO, you can rather encrypt the password supplied and check that with the encrypted database value.
          See also {thread:id=650835}
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            Thanks Hakan for your reaction.

            No I don't need it for SSO, but I wanted to write my own business interlink (to replace "LDAP_BIND") to validate passwords.

            Because they want me to allow students, whose account has expired on the LDAP server but use the correct password, access to a specific selfservice page.

            (In my opinion "LDAP_BIND" does only provide a return status "-1" when the validation fails, but no information why.)

            Kind regards, Bart