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    Smart View for Office 64-bit Functions issue

      Hi All,

      I am a complete noob, but am using Smart View to access my client systems to import some data into Excel. I have it working perfectly on one machine on Office 32bit, but I use Office 64 bit mainly, so on another machine I have installed the 64 bit version of smart view. I can create ad hoc analysis fine in the 64bit installation, and that works perfectly. However if I try to create any functions, or open any templates with functions in them that I know work (on the 32 bit version), refreshing only brings up #VALUE!. I am referencing the correct add-in function (checked that the right add-in's are registered), but nothing seems to get it to work.

      Any ideas to help this poor old noob feel a little bit smarter about things, would be much appreciated.

      Many thanks,

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          Neeraj Lahoti-Oracle
          Office 64 bit is not supported with EPM even if you have 64 bit O/S or EPM still you need to use Office 32 bit only.
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            64 bit office is supported with the latest version(s) of smart view as long as you use the 64bit installer. As to the OP's issue, you say grid based retrievals work, are they for the same intersections as your hsgetvalue retrievals? One thing to check is the suppress miissing and zero values, try setting them to #numericzero. and try the retrieve. If grid retrievals work and hsgetvalue don't I would open an SR with Oracle after checking the members to make use they are correct
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              I just had a user come to me with the exact same problem. They have a 32 bit laptop (OS and Office) where everything works perfectly fine but also just got a new desktop with 64 bit OS as well as 64 bit Office. Once they installed SV the AdHoc function works perfectly, but using either HsGetValue or HsSetValue just returns #VALUE or Error in the cells. I'm going to get on a WebEx session with them on Monday morning to check settings, etc. but I don't think that's gonig to be the solution so any other thoughts on this would be appreciated.

              Also, just for reference, I believe they installed x64 version of Smartview. If there's a newer version out there please point me in the right direction as this was the latest that I saw.


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                Matt Milella-Oracle
                Office 64 bit support was added for Smart View in http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17236_01/epm.1112/sv_new_features/sv_new_features.html

                The issue you are hitting is a known issue and is documented in the read me:

                13606492 — In 64-bit versions of Excel 2010 SP1, the presence of Smart View functions may cause Excel to terminate abruptly and may prevent Copy Data Point and Paste Data Point functions from working. This is a Microsoft issue, and a service request has been filed with Microsoft. Workaround: Until the Microsoft fix, use the 32-bit version of Smart View.


                We are working with MSFT on this issue and we have no timeline. Here is more on what version of Office to run:


                By default, Microsoft Office 2010 installs the 32-bit version of Office 2010 even if your computer is running 64-bit editions of Windows.

                IMPORTANT    The 32-bit version of Office 2010 is the recommended option for most people, because it prevents potential compatibility issues with other 32-bit applications, specifically third-party add-ins that are available only for 32-bit operating systems.
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                  Thanks for the response. I will have them install the 32 bit version of Office and see if that solves this issue.

                  Thank you,
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                    Is this still an issue even after patching to later versions of smartview

                    The knowledgebase article that mentions the 64 bit incompatibility still says to use 32 bit office and was updated after the patch was released


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                      Yes this is still an issue. Just downloaded latest, and tried. Still, all I get for any look-ups functions (eg HsDescription) is #VALUE!. If I use the buildfunction short-cut with the same parameters I get a "Validation Completed without any errors" message. It just shows #Value!. Same spreadsheet in 32 bit excel shows the relevant data.

                      This is a 64bit Smartview issue - has anyone got the functions working in excel?

                      Ad-hoc is fine...but we've said that...quite a few times.

                      A little disillusioned - for the record, I need the 64bit office, this is not a matter of installing 32bit.
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                        I have the same issue as above poster. Has anyone found a solution yet?