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    ADF and servlets

      I created a jsf page inside my ADF project. Inside I have a button and a text field. If i press button my servlet is activated. It returns a jasper report in pdf format. Now I would like to display my text field value as a jasper report parameter. So this is a part I don't know how to do. How do I get a value of my text field inside servlet?
      After this I know how to pass it to report.
      Many thx.
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          Wow, that's really basic and answered in just about any article you can find that deals in some way or another with servlets.

          Well you're looking for request parameters which you can get through the HttpServletRequest object. I suggest giving this free book a quick read through:

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            Do you sugest I use
            if my input text id is "ït1"? I am beginer in web development. Could you help me with this.
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              Beginner, yet you are working with ADF. Quite a contradiction.

              The NAME of the input field is submitted, not the ID. I gave you all the help you need: read the book I linked to. It explains the basics very well indeed. This is a tough subject that fills entire books; don't expect to get any answers in a forum post, you're going to have to spend time learning this stuff. Not hours, weeks.