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    creating cluster resources for oracle enterprise manager using clusterware


      My application consists of Oracle RAC and Oracle Enterprise Manage (OEM) on same two nodes. I am exploring the idea of utilizing Oracle Clusterware (which is already installed with Oracle RAC) to support OEM in active passive mode.

      Here is the scenario.

      Node A running Solaris 10.9 on SPARC and Node B running Solaris 10.9 on SPARC.

      Node A and Node B are both Oracle RAC Nodes ( Active Active ) which use Shared Storage for Oracle using ASM.

      Node A and Node B will run Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) Application in active passive scenario which will be using Oracle RAC for its database. So, both Oracle RAC and OEM are sharing same server A and B for its clusters.

      Now, OEM application need a third party clusterware to fail it over. It needs clusterware to provide floating VIP and shared folder of the size of 20GB which will keep software libraries. If node A goes down, node B have access to same libraries and will come up as active.

      Do you know if oracle clusterware which comes with Oracle RAC can support OEM for failing over i.e. it can provide floating VIP and shared file system?