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    Create Transaction - can not find automatic receipt payment method

      we are using 11i (

      currently all our receipt are manual, with direct clearing, we would like to explore automatic creation with clear by matching.

      so I have test the following in the development instance:

      1) create a new receipt class (RC1) with
      creation: automatic
      remittance: standard
      clearance: by matching

      2) under this receipt class, i create a payment method (PM1), with
      receipt inherit transaction number
      number of receipt rule: one per invoice
      receipt maturity date rule: earliest
      lead day: 0

      3) i added few existing bank accounts with
      minimum receipt amount=0
      and fill up all accounting GL code.

      4) save.

      i go to transaction window,
      create 1 new transaction (invoice), but in payment method, i can't find this payment method.

      so i go to customer site, add the payment method to it.
      and i go back to the same invoice, but i still can't find the payment method.

      what have I did wrong or miss out?