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    System Directory

      Is there any possibility to change the folder where the java classes are stored?
      Per default it is \Documents and Settings\<your_user>\Application Data\SQL Developer
      My problem is that this folder is included in my server profile and it keeps growing.
      It includes following subfolders:
      - SqlHistory
      - System<version>
      - tmp
      Thanks in advance
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          You can add something like:
          AddVMOption -Dide.user.dir=C:\yourdirectory
          to the sqldeveloper.conf file located in
          This will move the generated SQLDeveloper config files to the designated directory.
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            Thanks, Irian,

            in the meantime I have found another solution. For Windows it works using environment variable IDE_USER_DIR.

            Create a new directory for the runtime files, e.g. C:\sqldevtemp

            Add environment variable IDE_USER_DIR with the value of "C:\sqldevtemp".

            Close SQL Developer, move (or copy if you want) all files from the old folder to the new folder and start SQL Developer again.