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    OWB Experts - can't find Expert Explorer


      I needed to rename a lot of Mappings so I wrote an OMB+ script which does the job. Now I want to set up an expert to trigger the script and to pass some parameters.
      Somehow I can't seem to find the "Expert Explorer" and there are no "Object Details" in my OWB so I cannot define Input/Output Values etc.
      I have the navigator, the task editor and a tab called "Struktur" in German (structure). But no Explorer and no Object Details.
      How can I make OWB diplay these windows?



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          jaap van Dijk

          Hi Digo,


          Although your posting is rather old, I'll hazard an answer.


          I had the same problem. Are you also on OWB 11gR2 ( I'm sure they have changed the windows somewhere along an upgrade and forgot to change the documentation (which is abominable in general). According to me, Object Detail is now integrated in Property Inspector, and Expert Explorer is, as you guessed, integrated in Structure. In Structure you can fiddle around with variables and parameters.