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    Question about RAC template

      Hi experts,

      I started to build RAC environment with Oracle VM 3 RAC template 11gr2.
      I have a question about template customization.
      It is possible to build RAC cluster with GNS support ? If yes where can I add GNS functionality in template because I tried to find in template parameters
      but failed to find some information about GNS support adding.
      I only found the following in /u01/racovm/racovm.sh file.
      # For now we force GNS to be false, if by accident it's set to true without other
      # valid fields, the stack will fail to start with PRKO-2003
      I understand that I can change GNS_CONF\"]=\"false\" to GNS_CONF\"]=\"true\" but I also need to add some parameters. So what parameters and where I need to add for GNS.