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    Monitoring the OVM server 3.1.1

      Hi Guys

      What are you using to monitor the ovm server aspect of OVM?? i.e. monitoring the cpu, disks, NICs etc etc

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          The OVM manager will give you some information and you can always ssh to the server and use common linux commands. Enterprise Manager 12c will give you a little more information but I'm beginning to believe its more trouble than its worth. I constantly get blackout warnings and the service doesn't often sync properly without running multiple manual syncs between the OVM Manager and the EM12c console.
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            So theres no way of getting SNMP alerts or a 3rd party app on ovm server to monitor ??
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              If you use a monitoring system that uses a Agent installed on the machine, you could compile/build it against the 3.1 SDK and produce a package that you could install on OVM nodes (for example, Zabbix)
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                Nodes are fine got a tool for those just the Hosts that need sorting in terms of monitoring..
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                  I would recommend one of these open-source (free) systems for monitoring DomU's

                  Groundwork Monitor (uses Nagios under the hood)

                  both are enterprise grade, and support a vast variety of server OS's
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                    I'm bumping this thread in the hopes of getting better ideas.

                    I have a tool that I can use to monitor DOMU's already (they're just like any other system). I'm looking for ways of monitoring the OVM server hardware itself.

                    I'm guessing installing monitoring software on DOM0 would be frowned up, particularly by our administrators who are trying to treat the OVM server as an appliance, rather than a system. The less on it, the better.

                    Is there a CLI or some other remote method of monitoring?

                    I'm also looking for ways to monitor the OVM manager software (general OVM health, pool health, etc). Perhaps the OVM CLI is useful for this?
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                      Since Oracle a) discourages installing anything in dom0 and b) OVM may run an any comtaible hardware, there are only limited options available.
                      If you goal is monitoring the hardware itself, you might be better off using ipmi as a possible solution to this, if you should happen to have support for that on your hardware.