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    Problem visualization  in Calculation Manager

      Hi everyone

      We have a highly available environment for layer WebApp.
      In total there are 4 servers.
      A server with AIX OS layer for Essbase / Ordbms
      A Windows OS server for layer Else
      And two servers with Windows OS for layer WebApp
      WebApp servers share the following applications:
      Foundation (Shared Services and Workspace)
      Calculation Manager
      Financial Reporting

      The problem occurs in the work in the Calculation Manager, any changes or creating new rules are not seen by all users. Only some see the changes
      To verify the information in the relational database table specifically CALCMGRRULES and information exists.
      At first we thought the problem was the load balancer. But now I do not believe that is the problem and we perform the following tests:

      1. - Tells the Load Balanced is only allowed to work on a single server and always the same. For this hyperion services were operating on the two servers.
      Result = the problems continued
      2. - Hyperion services were down one of the servers.
      Result = The problem is solved

      There is someone who knows how to solve the problem?
      I need to work with the two servers.

      Regards Pedro