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    JavaFX Applet launching issue on MAC OS 10.8.2

      On MAC OS 10.8.2, JavaFX Applet is launching fine when .jar or .jnlp file is executed; but from browser the applet is not launching.
      On Safari it's showing a message "Content can not be displayed using your Web browser. Please open this page using another browser".
      On FireFox 16.0.1 it's showing a message "JavaFX 2.0 is required to view the content but JavaFX is currently unsupported on this platform. Please consult the JavaXF documentation for list of supported platforms".

      Can some body help me regarding the same.
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          Embedding in a browser is (currently?) not supported for JavaFX. I remember reading this when downloading/installing but cannot find the right page now. Also don't know if it is intended to be supported later (most likely, yes).

          So, at the moment OS X supports "desktop" mode only.

          Interestingly, the "supported configurations" page implies that 64-bit Safari should be supported:


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            If the Mac is running 10.8 there is some incompatibility between JavaFX and Safari on 10.8 which causes JavaFX not to work, perhaps because 10.8 was released after JavaFX 2.2. This incompatibility has fixed for an upcoming JavaFX release, e.g. JDK7u10 (JavaFX 2.2.4).

            See http://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-23529 "Mac: FX applets do not load in OS X 10.8 + Safari"

            Embedding in Mac browsers was not supported for JavaFX 2.1.
            Support for embedding in some Mac browsers was added in JavaFX 2.2.

            - JavaFX will run in Safari on the Mac, but as of JavaFX 2.2.3, only when the Mac is running OSX 10.7.
            - JavaFX doesn't run in Chrome on the Mac currently => JavaFX on the Mac is only available in 64 bit and Chrome on the Mac is 32 bit.
            - JavaFX will run in Firefox on Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8.
            - JavaFX won't run in other browsers like Opera.

            Embedding JavaFX in Firefox, Chrome and IE on Windows has been supported since JavaFX 2.x was first released.