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    E-Business suite Enterprise edition DB conversion to AL32UTF8

      We are on DB and E-Biz suite 12.0.6 and are converting our DB to AL32UTF8. We will be upgrading E-Biz suite to 12.1.3 early next year and we would like to AL32UTF8 conversion to be implemented as part of the application upgrade.
      Currently, we are working on a pilot project to convert the DB ( to AL32UTF8 using a E-Biz suite 12.0.6 test environment. Using DMU tool , the scan identified thousands of rows of data in various E-Biz schemas that the DMU cannot fix. Apparently, these needs to be fixed thru the application otherwise you may be able to convert the DB. Now, here are the problems we are facing while attempting to fix the data thru the E-Biz application:
      1. The number of records to be fixed are so many that fixing them manually is a huge effort and is not acceptable
      2. Some of the entities (such AP Invoice, PO description etc) are closed and cannot be opened in the application for update.
      3. Assuming it can be done manually, the fix expects the data to be "truncated" in order accomodate the single byte into a multibyte environment. The business will not accept truncating the data.

      Any thoughts on the best practice/approach to resolve the E-Biz suite data issues so that the DMU tool scan completes without any issues to allow the conversion to AL32UTF8?

      Your help is much appreciated