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    Endeca application not provisioned on EAC Central Server

      Im getting the following message when i try to connect to Workbench from Developer's Studio.

      The application "ATGen" is not provisioned on the EAC central server.

      We are able to see our app Name in the Application drop-down in Endeca Workbench, but in the Developer Studio>Tools>Workbench settings we get the aobve error. We are successfully able to "Get the Instance Configuration" but not able to use the "Set Instance Configuration" button. When we use the "Set Instance Configuration" we get the following message

      Error parsing Workbench response. The XML or Text declaration must start at line/column 1/1

      Workbench version = 3.1.0
      Platform Services version = 6.1.3
      Developer Studio version = 6.1.2

      We saw in the guided search compatibility matrix that developer studio version must be the same as platform services version. So could that be the reason of the above error?

      Any help appreciated.