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    ACFS and ASM

      I want to ensure by db_recovery destination_size value whenever i create ACFS filesystem.


      I created ACFS file system of 10 GB from the Flash diskgroup (PTMCM_FRA) of size 17GB. I would like to know what would be size of db_recovery_destination_size?

      Thanks for your help
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          Peter Häusler
          i am not exactly sure if i undertand your question, but i think you want to know your free space in the diskgroup for the FRA after you create a ACFS Volume. Maybe this query help you.

          SQL> select name,total_mb,free_mb,usable_file_mb from v$asm_diskgroup;

          NAME                    TOTAL_MB FREE_MB USABLE_FILE_MB
          ------------------------------ ---------- ---------- --------------
          DG_DATA                61436 26435     26435
          DG_FRA                    61436 59385     59385