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    RMAN Backup - New physical Standby Database

      I was not sure if posting here or in the RMAN topic... I chose here!

      Ok, I'm familiar with data guard and its options, since I used to work with it in my previous company. But I never needed to create one from zero. That’s my goal in my new job.
      I need to create a new physical stndby server, but here we use ASM. I've been reading a lot and came to the conclusion that the best way (maybe the only) of doing so is using RMAN.
      I'm not familiar with RMAN at all. So my scenario is:
      Primary DB: Oracle RAC (3 nodes) in ASM.
      Stdby: Oracle (single instance) in ASM.

      How can I create a full backup of the primary site, and have a file or pack of files to transfer to the stdby server, and restore it on the other side, in order to configure the replication.

      I don't want to seem lazy at all, but the main problem is: I need to take this backup into an external HD, and carry it to the new site (since the Database is too large to transfer via the network link) where I should attach to the new server and restore it.
      All documentation I’ve read the DUPLICATE DATABASE seems to be made directly from one server to the other, and not to a staging area.
      Can someone please post a link or give me some tips on how to make this backup into a specific location, and later, how to restore it?
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          The simple answer would be "Active database using RMAN" I don't have an ASM example but my Non-ASM example covers almost all of it :

          Create a Standby database from an active database using RMAN


          Since RMAN sees ASM without any issue this may be your best option.

          There's an ASM example here :

          Step By Step Guide On Creating Physical Standby Using RMAN(ASM)


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            Thanks for your reply mseberg.

            But in both examples the rman is used connecting one server to another. I need some example of the backup being made to a stagging area, and then restored on the other side...

            Thanks again though
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              I have a non ASM example of that too :


              Again most of this applies :


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                The examples you have been given so far are either using FROM ACTIVE DATABASE (which you can't use because of network limits) or I think assume that the backup is visible to bith sites in some sort of shared storage (which you don't have).
                The answer in your case is to mount the external HD and the primary and use RMAN to back up the entire database and archivelogs to the external HD. Then take te HD to the standby site, and mount it on the same path. After that, the usual routine:
                Create a pfile and password file for the standby, start it nomount, connect with RMAN to both the target and to the standby as the auxiliary, and DUPLICATE TQARGET DATABASE FOR STANDBY. This technique does require connection across the network to the primary, but that is not a problem - only a minimal volume of data will come across it.

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