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    accounts[$(name)].properties use query...

      I can add an accounts[$(name)].properties.myprop to the userview and read them easily...

      but how do I get that info when changing passwords?
      It doesn't seem to load the properties in when changing passwords per default... I see the data on the accounts only, not the associated attributes...
      what am I missing here?

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          I figured out i can get the user view into my change password form, seems costly though
          all I need really are the userview.accounts[*].properties
          and only one specific property at that, boolean true/false called pwsafe

          i.e. userview.accounts[$(name)].properties.pwsafe

          this boolean is then supposed to be used to "hide" certain accounts from the user in the FieldLoop, which seems a bit complicatec :P

          Maybe someone else has a good idea on how to implement it?

          What we want is to be able to set a property as admin on any account a user in IdM has (except Lighthouse) and by doing so
          hiding that account from the user in change password views and never ever changing password on it, sync or no sync

          and Admin should still be able to switch off this flag and change/reset passwords

          we want the account linked to a specific user since it will then be deleted with the user when that times comes and also
          to have these account come up in reports made on the user.