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    ASCP Pegging is not honoering sales order demand reservation to work order

    VCP Functional
      Hi Experts,

      Here is my query ..

      We are dealing with ATO items, sales order will be entered and WO line progressing will done. I can see reservation of work order to sales order demand. I have seen that SO demand and WO supply is well captured. While doing data collection, mentioned that reservation = Yes. Even done 'complete' refresh data collection. Now when I will open ASCP workbench, I can see SO demand, but I am not able to work order which is created by SO line progressing in supply pegging. It is showing different WO and new planned order to fulfill complete SO qty.

      Please advise check points to check. FYI - I have seen date belongs to 'MSC_ST_RESERVATIONS', 'MSC_ST_SALES_ORDERS', 'MSC_ST_SUPPLIES'. But not able to see data belongs to my SO. so believe that data collection is not capturing reservation but captured SO and work order demand.