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    Discoverer Connection Issue

      Hi All,

      I am getting below error while connecting to Discoverer Desktop & Discoverer Admin..I am able to connect the Discoverer Plus. I am using the correct tnsname as I am able to connect the database but facing issue in Discoverer.

      ora-12154:TNS :Could not resolve the connect identifier specified

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          Can anyone update the below issue.
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            Patrick Bacon

            Do you have multiple oracle homes? If this is the case, you want to make sure that the tnsname.ora file associated with the oracle home associated with the Disco Admin tool is set-up properly.

            Are you logging in as the EUL owner or as an APPS user (assuming you have an APPS implementation)? There are set-ups that need to performed before this will work (which are explained in the article below....e.g. the secure file).

            Have you looked at the Knowledge Base article, "Questions And Guidance For Troubleshooting Common Discoverer Desktop and Administrator Connection Issues [ID 415614.1]"?

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              This error is related to the network connectivity. You have to verify & note the I.P. address of database server where your EUL is created. Update the tnsnames.ora in the $Discover_home/network/admin with the correct I.P. address/hostname, database name & port no. of the EUL database.