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    DFF for Accounting Flexfield segments

    Robert Angel

      Oracle 11.5.9

      I have configured Dynamic Flex-Fields (DFFs) previously, but I am looking for advice on how to do this for our chart of accounts segments.

      With other DFFs the process is; -

      1. Navigate to Set Up / Flexfields / Descriptive / Segments

      2. In the form query back the Oracle Application / Form 'heading' for the appropriate area, for example for DFFs for mtl_system_items_b Application = Oracle Inventory, Title = Items

      3. Un-lick the Freeze Flexfield Definition. Click the segments button.

      4. Add the new DFF, for example (continuing from above) Number = 10, Name = 'Searchable' Window Prompt = 'Seachable Part Number' Column = Attribute1, Displayed = Yes, Enabled = Yes (null value set in this case).

      And that is pretty much the process.....

      But how to do this for flexfield segments for our chart of account??


      1. Navigate to Set Up / Key / Segments

      2. Query back Application = Oracle General Ledger, Flexfield Title = Accounting Flexfield

      3. Click on Segments

      I then see the five segments that make up our chart of accounts structure, but I have no way of accessing DFF functionality for these, is it possible, as the prescence of the DFF area on the form would imply that it is.

      thanks for any pointers,