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    Basic question

      I'm a DBA aspirant and know what contents I have to cover for DBA course. As I being novice had to cover some prerequisites from Linux and SQL, however quite not sure what basics really required on Linux/SQL to fulfill the course.
      So my question is what are the basic contents required in Linux/SQL to get a good command over the subject?
      Any information is appreciated.
      Thanks in advance
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          Well Reading is good Start , Oracle Documentation lot of example about SQL , and there's courses for Linux Command and online Tutorial that you can use them for free , Add to this There's Course called Linux For DBA (Or Something Like this). Search On Google Will Give lot of option .

          Linux :

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            Hi, getting information on source codes and commands for both Linux and SQL is fine. For the learning part, will it have to be just system basic commands being required or whether or not going into advanced learning is required?
            For example: As in Linux, we do have System Administrations commands or permissions sort of (or) just basic commands to get a hold of it
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              at first beginners command is enough but you need to know exactly how to use these command and make sure how to use them , such as ls , mkdir , cp , mv , ssh , ftp , .... after while from start using these command you by yourself you will getting board and try to learn something new ... actually command not just to save them and i will use them when i need you need to use them to know when you will need them . this is easy to save .
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                Marco V.
                I would suggest you to download, install and do practice with a virtualized environment: a good starting point could be this link

                In my old company I had also root pwd to access my machines, but I used it for system administrator and not for database activities.
                When I needed it I simply access into my Linux box using my Oracle account.
                It's always recommended to use the less privileged user.

                On my current company I have only oracle account and some sudo privileges.
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                  Thanks for the prompt response. Definitely appreciate the links shared .
                  Also have a quick question, did find the download for 11g from source: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/downloads/index.html

                  But couldn't find the download link for 10G Release . Can you help me with it if you find it ?
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                    But couldn't find the download link for 10G Release
                    There isn't one. Only the latest version of the database is available for download. Why would you even want 10g? That version has be out of scope for several years now.

                    If you need an earlier version you have to contact Oracle support.
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                      If you need to download 10G you should Open SR .
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                        Thanks for the prompt responses
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                          This thread is answered though but using the same for few other questions in my mind which needs to be cleared.
                          Hope no one mind if I continue.

                          I have got my Oracle licensed training eKit 10g WorkshopI and WorkshopII pdf files from Oracle today and everything seems legit.
                          My question was, will 11g also be available as an eKit fom Oracle for an ask ?

                          Also another question is, I'm in process of 11g OCA preparation first and so Workshop-I is mainly for OCA (which includes both SQL Fundamental 1 and Admin I )
                          and whereas Workshop-II (which includes Admin II paper) is solely for 11g OCP right ?? Did I get the process/names right for my understanding ?

                          Source: http://education.oracle.com/pls/web_prod-plq-dad/db_pages.getpage?page_id=458&get_params=p_track_id:Datab11g
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                            A gentle bounce !
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                              Need few more questions to be answered . Thanks in Advance,
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                                NickRobheart wrote:
                                Need few more questions to be answered . Thanks in Advance,
                                Patience, Grasshopper.

                                YOur "gentle bounce" went up in the middle of the night for the entire Western hemisphere.
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                                  Glad, but would have appreciated if it was an answer to my question :)