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    To integrate Endeca with CRS.

    Girish V U

      I have installed Endeca guidedsearch and I have successfully indexed ATG-CRS (Commerce Reference Store) data with endeca search. However , I want to integrate the Endeca with ATG-CRS search box ,i.e, when I search some product e.g. Shoe it should give us results from Endeca search engines.
      At this point of time it says "No Products match" so that ,I believe , means that endeca search engines are not getting triggered on ATG-CRS search queries are fired.
      So do we need to do some code changes in ATG-CRS/Endeca end or it is a configuration change.
      Any help/hint will be highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance :)
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          amann - oracle
          Hi Girish,

          I'm glad you were able to successfully index the CRS data with Endeca. Can you share what version of CRS you are using with Endeca Guided Search?

          At a high level you will need to do the following for a bare bones integration -

          1. As you mentioned, update the search box form handler to pull from the Endeca Assembler API
          2. Integrate the Guided Search reference application into CRS to handle navigation,sorting, paging, rendering of search results etc.
          3. Make sure the product detail page is integrated with the search results correctly.

          Aman Narang
          Oracle Commerce Product Manager

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            I am using ATG 10.1 and i am able to index crs data in endeca and i am able to do ATG guided search. I also just want my query box to look into endeca assembler and fetch me the searched data. Any help on this will be very helpful...

            Thanks & Regards
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              Kristen G-Oracle
              Hi - try starting with the integration guide - http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35318_02/Platform.10-1-1/ATGEndecaIntegrationGuide/html/index.html
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                I followed all the steps in the guide and i am able to bring up the Endeca Guided search application.I am more Interested in making my ATG crs search box to look into the Endeca and populate the results on atg.Any help on this will be really grateful...
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                  I am able to get search data from Dgraph in CRS. For this , I followed the below steps:

                  1. Include the Endeca API and module in CRS.
                  2.Created the separate component in CRS to make the connection with MDEX engine .
                  3. Query the MDEX Engine using this connection and get the Result.

                  Moreover, In CRS we have separtate module for Endeca , whose url is hostname:portnumber/assembler you will get the landing page whose content is coming from the Endeca only.