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    Unable to see microbrowser in experience manager


      I am using tools and framework 3.1.0
      I have created the endeca application using reference discover app and added some new customized templates to <app-root>\config\cartridge_templates folder.
      One of the cartridges has following data :

      <ContentTemplate xmlns="http://endeca.com/schema/content-template/2008" xmlns:editors="editors" xmlns:xavia="http://endeca.com/schema/xavia/2010" type="ProductData" id="Product">
      <Name>Product Data</Name>     
      <Property name="recordSelection">
      <xavia:Item class="com.endeca.infront.cartridge.RecordSpotlightSelection" />
           <editors:RecordListEditor propertyName="recordSelection" label="Product records">
      <PreviewProperty name="product.name"/>

      But when I add this cartridge in the Experience manager, I dont see the micro Browser. All I get to see is two disabled radio buttons : Specific records and records selected by query.

      PS. - I tried with same cartridge in other machine and it is working fine and microbrowser appears.

      What i understand is experience manager is not picking the content from the MDEX.
      I have application dgraph on port 19000 and i can see the data through jspref application.

      Please tell what could be the possible reason?

      Mayank Batra