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    Extracting Type properties in OWB 11g2

      Why i don't see following properties in OWB (bold, underline text) :

      link : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E11882_01/owb.112/e10935/src_tgt_opers.htm#CHDBAEIB

      AW Properties

      AW Name Represents the name of the analytic workspace in which the dimension data is stored.

      Aw Staged Load This property is applicable to MOLAP dimensions only. Select this option to stage the set-based load data into a temporary table before loading into the analytic workspace.

      Each group in the Dimension operator represents a dimension level. You can set the following properties for each dimension level:

      Extracting Type: Represents the extraction operation to be performed when the dimension is used as a source. Select Extract Current Only (Type 2 Only) to extract current records only from a Type 2 SCD. This property is valid only for Type 2 SCDs. Select Extract All to extract all records from the dimension or SCD._

      Default Expiration Time of Open Record: This property is applicable to Type 2 SCDs only. It represents a date value that is used as the expiration time of a newly created open record. The default value is NULL.