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    JSH and ypserv


      Recently in one of our customer cases, it was speculated that the JSH is forking lot of ypserv calls to have NIS lookups and there are some assumptions that it could be using ports less than 1024 (normally used for system ops purposes)
      Can you please shed some light on the usage of JSH with ypsev (if it does)

      Thanks in advance
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          I do not think JSH will issue direct call to ypserv, do you know how did you customer observe this symptom.

          For JSH, it may call to ypserv through calling to gethostbyname() function when JSH start. Then it will listen on a specified port to accept the connection requests from clients.

          I am also not sure if these two parameters of JSL are related with your issue, but you can ask them to try to change their ports to test.


          [-n netaddr]
          Network address used by the Oracle Jolt listener with Oracle Tuxedo 6.4 and 6.5, and WebLogic Enterprise 4.2.
          TCP/IP addresses may be specified in the following formats:





          The domain finds an address for hostname by using the local name resolution facilities (usually DNS). hostname must be the local machine, and the local name resolution facilities must unambiguously resolve hostname to the address of the local machine.

          In the second example, the “#.#.#.#” is in dotted decimal format. In dotted decimal format, each # should be a number from 0 to 255. This dotted decimal number represents the IP address of the local machine. In both of the above formats, port_number is the TCP port number at which the domain process listens for incoming requests. port_number can either be a number between 0 and 65535 or a name.

          //[IPv6 address]:port


          Note: IPv6 does not support hexadecimal format

          [-H external netaddr]
          Specifies the network address mask Jolt clients use to connect to the application when there is network address translation. The JSL process uses this address to listen for clients attempting to connect at this address. If the external address mask is 0x0002MMMMdddddddd and the JSH network address is 0x00021111ffffffff, the known (or external) network address is 0x00021111dddddddd. If the address starts with "//" network address, the type is IP based and the TCP/IP port number of the JSH network address is copied into the address to form the combined network address.
          The external IP address mask must be specified in the following form:
          -H //external ip address:MMMM
          (Optional for JSL in Oracle Tuxedo 6.4 and 6.5)

          Note:      The option does not support IPv6.

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            Hi to all.

            Iam configuring jolt with tuxedo ,while giving Machine name at ubbconfig file.my machine name is too long around 35 characters ,its showing errors when compile ,like machine name is too long,is there any option to give ip address at machine name params