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    DB upgrade fom 9i to 10gR2

      Do we need to know if failover and loadbalancing is implemented to plan for DB upgrade from 9i to 10gR2? If so why?
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          check http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/manageability/9i-to-11g-real-world-customer-exper-133754.pdf for the same
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            Issues when upgrading from Oracle 9i :

            1. Hash Group by aggregation which allows a hash algorithm to process group by statements. You have to use for sorts ORDER BY.
            2. 10g CBO has been added costed subquery unnesting and view merging functionality.
            a. Symptoms might range from high parse times to wrong results
            3.The CONNECT Role has been changed since 10g R2
            4. Parse times may increase after upgrade/migration

            Hope it helps....