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    Issue migrating reports with Graphical features.

      Hi guys,
      I am working on migrating reports from 10g to 11g and I have an issue with the reports which contains a Graph. They are giving the following error when I run them against the 11g report server(they are running fine against the 10g server with out any issues)

      The report terminated with error:
      REP-56048: Engine rwEng-1 crashed., job Id: 24.

      I have searched on Google, for a solution to fix them, the closest I found was Installing Oracle Graphics 6i engine in a separate Oracle Home, but this was said for 9i and 10g, you can find that in the below oracle document:


      Does anyone know, if I can Install Oracle Graphics 6i engine in a separate Oracle Home for 11g too?, to make them work at least, if not modifying the existing ones?