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    error when dequeing

      One question regarding an error i am getting:
      The record was queued into the queue table. The dequeue process has the remove option after dequeue. But after dequeue the column DEQ_TID in queue table is updated with a value and the record is not removed from queue.
      The problem is when i execute the dequeue again the session is hanged: below is the dequeue code:

      am i missing smthng?
      error i am getting:
      ORA-25326: Array dequeue operation failed for message at index 1
      ORA-03135: connection lost contact

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          with only these few informations it is difficult to make a diagnosis.
          How did you setup your dequeue using DBMS_AQ.DEQUEUE ( dequeue_options ) ?
          I assume, that there is a commit statement without error.

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