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    Options .NET stored procedures in Oracle Database running on Linux

    Stuart Bunby-Oracle
      Hi all,

      I'm working with someone proposing an Oracle Database running on a Linux platform but also wanting to run a .NET application on top with database embedded .NET stored procedures.

      I am looking to establish what options are available and have some questions:

      1) As far a I understand, the Oracle Developer Tools and Oracle Database Extensions for .NET give me an easy option for deploying stored procedures but will only work if the underlying database is running on Windows - is this correct?

      2) Assuming the answer to 1) is yes, is there any alternative workaround? I have read about MONO but it appears this is not supported by Oracle?

      3) Assuming the answer to 2) is no, what is the best option available? Converting the .NET code to Java?

      I would really welcome any guidance you can give

      Thanks in advance,