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    owb merge


      I am looking for some help desperately as I am struggling to find a solution to an issue.

      I am extracting data from 4 or more sources. Each has got the customer name with their ID's. But most of the customers match up even though they spelt incorrectly.

      For example row 1: Macys Ltd 123,
      2: macys 456
      3: Macys CO LTD 789
      and etc..

      I was told to create a table in which it should merge all the records into one in the merge table.
      macys ltd 123, MACYS 999
      macys 456, MACYS 999
      macys co ltd 789, MACYS 999

      In that way 999 is common to all the records and it should generate only one ID for all the customers.

      is it doable in OWB? I have tried in owb but it gives the same number of rows with the different id and its not merging into one.

      Have I missed anything to work on owb itself?

      Please help as I was suppose to finish this task couple of weeks ago.


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          Hello All,

          Is this task very difficult to achievable in OWB? If so are there any other ways to get this done. Please try to help me if you guys can.


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