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    display of video on portal page

      I am trying to display a video on portal page that i have linked in my cdf file created(in wyswyg elment). In site studio page it is working but i want video to be embeded in portalj page. Pls help me in this
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          As i mentioned above we are using site studio to create web content in UCM and content presenter task flow to present it on portal. My web content can have a video associated with it(a enabling insert flash in WYSWYG element of associated region definition). How can i get this video in my content presenter task flow. I am creating custom template for content presenter.
          any suggetion would be very helpful

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            Daniel Merchán
            From my experience i always converted videos to mp4 and showed "streamed" though Flowplayer in content presenter.

            HTML 5 is very good solution :) like SQL*VOX said.

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              Hi Denial

              Can u provide me some code or links regarding your apporach
              that will be very helpful

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                Daniel Merchán

                Sorry but i can't share to you this code/components:

                My solution have next components:
                1) One IBR addon transforming all media to streaming reproducible format.
                2) Support-addon for streaming (if you don't have streaming server).
                3) Flowplayer integrated with WebCenter Portal as Video Player.

                You need to find a Flash or HTML 5 player to show your videos.
                Remember that without streaming server, until videos are fully downloaded are not showed to portal user.

                Interesting links...:

                I think that the people of WebCenter Content Forum can help you more with it. In WebCenter Portal you only need to integrate a Flash video player or HTML 5 player.


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                  Jaap Spiering
                  How do you link to your video file in the Contributor Data File?
                  I'm still looking for the best way to integrate video in content presenters and/or Wiki pages.

                  Oracle simply suggests going to the HTML source of a wiki page and insert an iframe with Youtube's embed code as the src element, but that seems just too simple.
                  It would be nice if there would be a simple way for, say, a content administrator to select a video from the Content Server and have the Content Presenter embed it in the news message.
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                    Daniel Merchán

                    We usually have our own Element Definition for videos. It's only a Video Picker and store dDocName of the content file.
                    Now, with video dDocName is easy to get video file in a CP Template:

                    ${WCAppContext.applicationURL}/content/conn/ucm/uuid/dDocName:${node.propertyMap['dDocName'].value.stringValue // IF Video isn't in a datafile. SELECTING DIRECTLY YOUR VIDEO
                    ${WCAppContext.applicationURL}/content/conn/ucm/uuid/dDocName:${node.propertyMap['RDName:video'].value.stringValue // If video is a element definition of a Region Definition

                    Create a CP template called video player where you add a Flash Video Player.
                    In the source of the Flash Video Player select your preferred EL Expression (direct video or element definition).

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                      Hi Jaap

                      While Creating element definition i am enabling the insert flash check box.
                      so in contribution mode i can select video from content server on click of insert flash icon.
                      that work with website created by site studio, but when i am using same region template with content presenter
                      video is not visible.(rest of text and image are being displayed on portal page).
                      i am still struck at this point. :(

                      Thanks Daniel i will try ur approach thanks for sharing

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                        Hi Daniel,

                        Replying after long time to this post of mine.....got stuck with several issues at once since I am still trying to learn alot at once.
                        thanks for your suggetion now I know yours is the only possible approach that can make my Authors life easier.
                        Can u help me in adding any free avilable video player (may be flash player) in JSF page
                        I searched on net to find the steps how to add a video player in JSF page but all gives solution for HTML :(
                        Can you share steps required for this. That will be very kind of you.

                        and also i tried to print #{WCAppContext.applicationURL} in output text box its displaying nothing.