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    Passing value to Importer

      I have created custom Integrator to upload PO Receipts, for this a custom wrapper is developed to insert records into Interface tables like (RCV_HEADERS_interface, RCV_transactions_interface). Wrapper is successfully uploading records to interface tables. For import data from interface table to oracle base table I have created import as PL/SQL function in which there are two parameters one of the parameter value has to be taken from Interface Attributes.
      I tried to pass Interface attribute value to Import parameters (PL/SQL) by $import$.P_GROUP_ID it’s passing to importer
      even I tried by placing <Interface_name>.P_group_id

      Any idea how to pass Interface attribute value to Importer parameter?
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          Now I am able to solve this by creating staging table, I am able to pass from interface attribute value to Importer(Successfully submitted concurrent request at the end of loading).
          this only works for Table Interface type, for API still its not working.