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    spec compare: what type of spec can be compared?

      Is it “by design” that the system can only do spec compare for Material Specs?

      When I tried to compare two Printed Packaging Specs, in the screen where we search for the spec to compare to. I could only see material specs.

      I checked trade spec, it’s the same situation. Then I checked user guide, the user guides states:

      You can compare up to 10 specifications of the same type by using the specification comparison tool.

      I’m wondering if I missed any critical step or something.
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          Matt J-Oracle
          currently, only material, product, trade, and menu item are available.

          you have to add them as features to the <featureconfig> section of customersettings.config
                    <add key="GSM.EQT.MatComparisonRptView.TradeSpec.Enabled" value="true"/>
                    <add key="GSM.EQT.MatComparisonRptView.MenuItemSpec.Enabled" value="true"/>
                    <add key="GSM.EQT.MatComparisonRptView.ProductSpec.Enabled" value="true"/>