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    Environment variables

      I am creating an internal website that has a page with a link to a different internal website. The target website is developed in a different instance of UCM. As we move our development to different environment, we will have to change our URL to point to the target website in that environment. For eg, the link will link to http://unt-other-app.com/other in unt environment and http://sys-other-app.com/other in sys environment.

      I am thinking of configuring some system variable and access it through IDOC script. How can I access system variables from IDOC script?

      I tried googling around but did not find anything near what I want to do. Can someone point me to some helpful pages? Thanks.
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          If the environment variable name is "MyCustomVariable", then you can access it using Idoc Script using <$#env.MyCustomVariable$>.

          #env - Retrieves the value of the specified variable from the environment settings. Does not send an error report to the debug output if the variable is not found.