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    Oracle WebLogic Distributed Topic (UDD) and durable subscriber

      Hi All,
      We are using WebLogic version of 10.3.4 and trying to find and concept right on distributed destination and durable subscriber. I went thru the Oracle WebLogic documentation on distributed topic which says this note *"Note: Durable subscribers (DurableTopicSubscriber) cannot be created for distributed topics. However, you can still create a durable subscription on distributed topic member and the other topic members will forward the messages to the topic member that has the durable subscription."*

      If durable subscriber can't be created on distributed topic then does it mean message is lost for the listener that is not active when message is posted by producer? which kind of defeats the purpose of having distributed destination and persistence store so I am thinking I might have missed reading between the lines in WebLogic document and if you can refer me to some right doc that explains in details how to set up durable subscriber for distributed destination (UDD), that would be nice.