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    configure SNMP on Oracle cluster (RAC)

      Hi, I am using Oracle RAC11g2 on 2 node (OS id Oracle Linux 5.7) configuration and I need to configure SNMP on this for error and warning notifications. is this possible and by configuring SNMP have any adverse effect on the RAC

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          Hi user4433949,

          Well that is totally possible, and there shouldn't be any adverse effects on the RAC.

          Let me know if you have any other queries!
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            Hi Thanks you for the reply, I was coming to think that no one going to reply on this :)

            I was reading this document (sorry I dont have the URL) some times back, that it says enterprise manager uses SNMP for some communication or the other. At the time did not gave much attention, but when this customer came up with the request was kind of worried to give the ok.

            Basically SNMP has no roal in the RAC configuration/operation, is there any thing that I need to be concern while doing the configuration?

            Thank you and Best Regards
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              There should not be any reason why more than one device/component can support SNMP on the same platform. The only issue that comes to my mind is that UDP ports (like TCP ports) cannot be shared amongst different processes on the same kernel. UDP port 161 is used by a SNMP agent for reading requests from the SNMP manager. That would mean a single agent only can run on port 161 IMO.

              Have you looked at Oracle support note +How To Turn SNMP On/Off ? [ID 472530.1]+.
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                Hi thank you for taking time to help me out :)

                Best Regards