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    Active dataguard configuration


      Before posing the actual question let me tell my configuration:

      I have a 2 node RAC sitting on IBM AIX 6.1 power 7 on a 10gb ethernet adapter.
      Version of the DB is : Oracle
      Storage used is EMC (vns 5500).
      I am using ASM for my storage. (similar is the case with my standby RAC)

      Before I enable my active dataguard, I would like to know what are the OS side prerequesites other than one mentioned in the installation guide of Oracle GRID Infrastructure.

      Please provide me the steps to go about in setting up the active dataguard and also do consider my scan name resolutions in case of a failover. Right now I have already set up the Grid infrastructure on the standby RAC setup.

      Also I need the steps to set up a dedicated ethernet interface just for the dataguard.

      thanks in advance,

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          For OS restrictions see -

          Oracle Support note 413484.1

          Given the information you provided I do not believe you have an issue.

          For a private network there is no different. The only requirement is the servers can see each other.

          There's a property called DGConnectIdentifier where you specify your TNS name if you use Data Broker.

          Also StaticConnectIdentifier to allow you to specify the static listener again for Broker. These are Oracle 11 and later.

          The setup steps as far a Data Guard is concerned are the same.

          Active Data Guard has no special setup steps. Its all about how you start the Standby database.

          recover managed standby database using current logfile disconnect;
          Media recovery complete.
          Support document is

          Oracle® Data Guard Concepts and Administration 11g Release 2 (11.2) E10700-02

          If you want short manual setup notes here are mine :




          Best Regards

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            Thank u very much
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              Also I need the steps to set up a dedicated ethernet interface just for the dataguard.
              Hello - for this, one way is define the NIC as a separate network,
              srvctl add network -k .....
              and then define a listener and and a service for that network,
              srvctl add listener .... -k ...
              srvctl add service ... -k ...
              and make sure that no other services register with that listener. This does work, but I have had problems when using DHCP/GNS.
              Good luck.