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    Peoplesoft App Server - Not able to boot Domain

      Hi all.
      I've installed Peoplesoft 9.1, PT8.52 (Oracle 11G 64 bit database) on windows 2008 server 64bit and an HRMS DEMO DB on a Virtual machine PSDEMOVM.
      I also installed Oracle 11G client 32, and configured a PS client workstation on another virtual machine PSDEMOVS
      I did all the steps and now, from the server machine, I entered PSADMIN and created a domain following all the configuration steps.

      I am not able to serial boot this domain, it shows the following errors:
      'Error Application Initialization failure
      Error: Fatal Error Encountered, initializing user error handler'

      And the appserver.log file shows the following errors:
      'PS General SQL Routines: Missing or invalid version of SQL Library PSORA (200,0)
      Database Signon: Could not sign in to database PSHRDEMO with user PS'

      So I thought it is because the unavailability of the Lib32 on the server machine.
      So I installed Tuxedo on the client machine, to be able to access psadmin from there.
      But unfortunately, when I choose to administer domain from the client machine, I am not able to see the domain that was created from the server, and when trying to create a new one, it says 'No available templates'.

      I really need guidance through this asap.

      Best Regards and Thx,


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