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    Getting Standby Host and DB name from Primary.

      Hi All,

      I am stuck at one problem.

      I'd like to know the Standby hostname and database name (db_unique_name) from primary using SQL. Simply put, which table in primary datbase gives us the standby host and the database name. I am aware that TNSNAMES.ORA contains details, but we cannot use SQL for that. I am also aware of V$ARCHIVED_LOG's DEST_ID column. But, the DEST_ID will not show the host and the db names, neither does V$PARAMETER's LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_n if SERVICE parameter is set to Connect Identifier.

      If I further paraphrase my problem, how I'd relate a dest_id to a standby host and database using SQL.
      SELECT <columns> FROM <v$some_view> WHERE dest_id IN (2, 3);
      2            host2           standby_1
      3            host3           standby_2
      DB version : 10g
      OS : Solaris 10

      Thanks immensely.