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    OER custom report

      Hi Experts,

      IHAC that started to register assets into OER. In some those assets, in the Technical tab he has added a same documentation.

      The customer want a way to see the relationship between the assets and the documentations, in order to analyze the impacts of changing the documentation. The customer would not to create those documentations as an asset type.

      I was thinking about to develop a custom report that, as an input, receive a documentation and return all the assets related.

      What do you think? Is it feasible?

      In addition that, Has someone any document that show the OER DB Schema (OER Data Dictionary)?

      Thanks in advance,
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          Suggest that you make the documentation asset its own type, and create a relationship between it and the asset. This may cause one level of indirection between the asset and its doc (as the doc will not be an associated file.
          The doc can be refernced by many assets this way, and the navigator is in essence the visual impact analysis report.

          Oracle does publish the OER db schema for those who want to create custom reports.
          I think you can get it through support.
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            Another thought... you may be able to query for the documentation associated with an asset through the OER API if you cannot make the documenation its own type/instance.
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              Dom Klein
              This is exactly what we are doing for some of our project documentation. Some of our documentation itself is governed and OER is a great way to record the review Process at the various Governance Checkpoints. By creating an Asset Type for each (different) document type then you can create the relevant tabs etc also to record such information.

              Then when you click on a Project you can see all the relevant artefacts for that project (including project docs and the results of their review process and where they are in their current lifecycle).

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