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    java 7, Windows Server 2012, Internet Explorer 10: incomplete applet pages


      we are using different java applets in our software. These applets are started in different browser windows.
      At the moment we are adding support for Windows Server 2012 to our software.

      While testing on a Windows Server 2012 with Internet Explorer 10 we can see refresh problems of our applets. There were 2 or 3 windows open (with different applets). If 1 window overlaps another window and the overlapping window is removed, the content of the underlying window is “cleaned”. The complete content of this window is only visible again when we iconisize this window and reload it again.

      Is this a known issue with java 7 (java 6) and Internet Explorer 10? Is Internet Explorer 10 tested and certified for java 6 and 7?

      Thanks in advance