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    oracle bi publisher PDF output changes chart scale

      I have created report which has charts - bar charts
      I able to run report in various formats including interactive, html, excel, powerpoint, pdf etc.
      Now the chart scale on all other format reports showing perfect e.g. 3.0 height on y axis. So its basically adjusting as the max height (value) for y axis. But for PDF output no matter weather it has less than 3.0 for all values in that page, but it shows height 4.0 (instead of 3.0 max as other output formats are showing). So its not adjusting dynamically as other output formats.

      How can I get PDF document display same as other output formats? Because if all values less than 0.5 height, still PDF output showing height as 4.0 , so graph is not visible or almost touching to the ground with straight line.

      Please help and appreciate your help.