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    Configure RDBMS Security Store Database on SQL Server 2008

      Hello All,
      After two long hours of failed attempts to configure rdbms store database on SQL Server 2008 while creating a domain I've turned to seek your assistance.

      What I'm trying to accomplish? Create a simple domain with AdminServer and deploy a sample .html page I created.
      What is the back-end database? SQL Server 2008
      What is the issue? Unable to successfully pass the "test connection" on configure rdbms security store database screen although I was submitting correct input.
      Test I performed! created an odbc connection to SQL Server 2008 and it was successful.
      Also, accessed SQL Server 2008 from Hyperion IR and imported database objects with ease...

      If anyone of you were successful in creating a rdbms store database using SQL Server 2008, please share your thoughts or point me in a right direction...